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The Role of Women in the Seafood Industry

“The role of women in the seafood industry” is now published as the GLOBEFISH Report #119. The report attempts to increase consciousness of business leaders and policy makers, to enlarge their knowledge and sensitization about the value women bring to the seafood industry, and to encourage them to consider each time they develop a new project or a policy: “Have we not overlooked women?”

Earthquakes Linked to Quest for Oil and Gas

The report came two days after Oklahoma’s state government acknowledged for the first time the scientific consensus that wastewater disposal linked to oil and gas drilling was to blame for the huge surge in earthquakes there. The state introduced an interactive map showing quake locations and places where wastewater is injected into the ground, and the state-run Oklahoma Geological Survey said it “considers it very likely” that the practice is causing most of the shaking.

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Meatless Monday Recipe Exchange

To complement Diane Martin’s Meatless Monday program, we have added a page on which we will be placing your vegetarian recipes.  To see the recipes, go to the top of the VOBB web page and click on “More”.  From the drop-down menu you can choose “Meatless Monday Recipe Exchange” and there you can read the various recipes that have been submitted.  To send us your vegetarian recipes just send us … Continue reading