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Let’s protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence from oil and gas development!

Are we willing to risk the health of this ecosystem as well as the lifestyle of the communities that depend on the Gulf of St. Lawrence for hypothetical and unsustainable oil revenues, without consulting those communities?
Tell our federal and provincial governments to work together to protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence from oil and gas exploration and exploitation projects by establishing a moratorium for the entire gulf and by engaging in thorough and extensive interprovincial public consultation on oil and gas in the gulf.
Click on the link in the section below to send an email to federal and provincial politicians.

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Oil spill simulation

A major scientific article was just published in Environmental Science Letters (UK) by Quebec oceanographers showing spill simulations from Old Harry. Things do not look good for western Nfld as all the coast is susceptible to be impacted.
Authors : Bourgault, Cyr and Dumont (three oceanographers) + Angela Carter (political sciences)

Here’s a link to the 4-minute animation that shows where floating oil would likely end up after a spill: http://iopscience.iop.org/1748-9326/9/5/054001/article

Here is a link to the full scientific article in Environmental Science Letters

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