The Voice of Bonne Bay (VOBB) is a community radio station located in Norris Point, in the middle of Gros Morne National Park, in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Staffed by dedicated volunteers, VOBB will soon be on the air as a permanent radio station, broadcasting from Norris Point and also on the Internet.

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The Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital Heritage Corporation (BBCHHC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of local culture, promotion of health and wellness, and community economic and social development. Over the past ten years, the cornerstone of the BBCHHC activities has been the conversion of the old Bonne Bay cottage hospital into the Julia Ann Walsh Heritage Centre, which now serves as the nucleus for community development activities.

In 2008, the BBCHHC collaborated with a communications support company to operate a community radio station for the ten-day Trails, Tales, and Tunes (TTT) festival in Norris Point, Newfoundland. Identified as The Voice of Bonne Bay (VOBB), this FM broadcast was so successful that it was repeated in 2009, and again in May 2010. The VOBB also worked with the Community University Research for Recovery Alliance (CURRA) in October 2009 to broadcast a series of public meetings and workshops.

Based on the success of the VOBB experiment and the high level of community support for the concept, the BBCHHC formed a committee to stablish a permanent radio station. This group ensures that the management, operation, and programming will be the responsibility of the community at large.

In November 2009, the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) approved in principle an application to establish a permanent FM community radio station in the Julia Ann Walsh Heritage Centre.

VOBB aims to provide the citizens and visitors to Bonne Bay with unique radio programming that reflects the aspirations, interests, and individuality of the community. It will actively engage seniors and youth in the development of programming in such areas as health and wellness, culture and heritage, and the environment. It offers a means to develop apprenticeships and training in radio programming and production for volunteers, propagating media related skills throughout the community. Finally, by adopting a cooperative regional development approach, VOBB illustrates how the greater Bonne Bay community can market itself to the world.