Message from the Mayor of Woody Point

On behalf of the the Town Council of Woody Point, I would like to thank residents for their patience and support during a very hectic few days. If you experienced any damages to your property which your insurance doesn’t cover take lots of photos of the damage and keep all receipts from the repairs. The government has a program to provide some assistance and you may qualify. Application forms are available through our office and online. Call 453-2273 and speak to Jacqueline or Tanya for the latest information.

Special thanks going out to Transportation & Works as well as our three local equipment contractors and their dedicated employees (Pike’s Service Station, Clifton Barnes Limited and 3 T’s Limited) for keeping our roads open against all odds, many times throughout the night while most of us were sleeping. Thanks to Fire & Emergency Services for their fast response to our requests and thanks to Premier Ball and his staff for their great assistance. I also want to thank our councillors who put in a lot of hours. Our staff Jacqueline, Roger, and Tanya also worked very hard throughout this ordeal. Thanks to each of them.

The Town is presently under a State of Emergency due to the problem with our dam being filled with rock from the storm, however, there is no need for residents to be concerned. Contractors are digging out the dam and once this work is completed we will lift the State of Emergency. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at 458-7132, or any of the other councillors, or the office at 453-2273.