We really are your community radio station. For VOBB to reflect our communities, your voices and contributions are important. We’d love to have you as a volunteer.

Volunteers can commit for short-term projects or regular events. You can:

  • Host your own radio show
  • Interview your friends, family, and neighbours
  • Read and report local news
  • Play music live on the air
  • Update our website & social media presence (i.e. Facebook)
  • Produce radio shows, events, and concerts for us—become one of our radio techs
  • Bring us your old recordings, tapes, music, and stories
  • Research local history
  • Students and teachers: do a radio project together as a class and broadcast it to your community
  • Bring us your fundraising and event-organising skills
  • Promote your organisation or event

Would you like to volunteer?

Radio Host: on air live. Radio Hosts play music, make announcements, often do short interviews and facilitate storytelling, live music etc. among visitors to the station. The host will also operate basic equipment in the studio.

Studio Host: Welcome visitors to the studio and encourage them to participate in the community radio experience, serve refreshments, help in equipment set-up occasionally and general organization, cleanup etc. Not an “on air” position.

Interviewer: Conduct “on air” interviews. This would usually be conducting “special, pre-arranged” interviews of longer duration (0.5 hours or more) as in an entire program of interviews. This is an “on air” position

Production Assistant: Help set up and operate the radio equipment in the studio and on remote broadcasts (usually in Gros Morne area). This would include transmitter, antenna, computers, cd players, mp3 players, microphones, studio furniture etc. Might also write a manual of instructions for equipment, so other volunteers will become familiar with operations.

Please note: a community radio station is manned by volunteers. We are not looking for professional broadcasters, just volunteers who want to participate and have fun!

We’re open to ideas, and we’d love to see you and hear you on the air. Pitch your ideas to us! Volunteer information sessions can be arranged. For further information, please contact us using the form below.